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The Sugar Research Insitute of Fiji is an organization that was established in 2006 to carry out research work for the Sugar Industry in Fiji. The areas of research that SRIF undertakes includes:

1. Sugarcane conventional breeding
2. Soil and leaf analytical services
3. Cane analysis for research and investigation purposes
4. Pests and diseases screenings
5. Crop diversification
6. Management of estate commercial farms
7. Effective land utilization
8. Production of disease free seedcane
9. Conduct donor financed projects for the benefit of the farmers.


SRIF was established in 2006 as the premier provider of research, development and extension services in the sugar industry. SRIF has the national mandate for the development and dissemination of technology and information needed for increased productivity, profitability and sustainability of the sugar industry in Fiji.

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Major Functions
The major functions of the Sugar Research Institute as outlined in SUGAR RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF FIJI ACT 2005 are:

1. To design, develop, monitor and review research programs and research strategies for the sugar industry.
2. To investigate, evaluate the requirements for research or technical and scientific progress and measure the efficiency relating to the growing of sugar cane.
3. To prevent, control and eradicate pest infection of sugar cane.
4. To develop and assist in the development of methods of production, harvesting, and processing of sugar cane and by-products.
5. To develop a cane quality payment system for the sugar industry.
6. To provide training, advice and information to any person concerning any matter relating to the production, harvesting and processing of sugar cane or any other matter relating to the production of sugar cane or sugar by-products.
7. To preserve and enhance the ability of land to sustain sugar crops.
8. To assist in keeping to a minimum and damage to the environment that may be caused by the activities of the sugar industry.
9. To identify diversification opportunities for the sugar industry.
10. To carry out field and factory audits to assess performance trends for the benefit of the sugar industry.

GIS Unit
In addition there is a GIS unit that has been tasked to verify, collate and computerize detailed information about the cane farms.


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EU Coordination Unit
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